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We're a digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses and other creative entrepreneurs grow their brands.

We use the best and most legitimate internet marketing tools and knowledge to bring businesses of any niche and any size more traffic, more leads and more customers.

MealTicketPoetry is also a bridge for supporters of risk takers and indie makers to learn how to support small business owners best.

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Supporters of Small Business Owners...

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When was the last time you used -- or at least thought of -- a product or service that seemed like it was everywhere? There's a reason for that.



It's a product of the things, large and small, that businesses must do to present their ideas and keep those ideas at the forefront of our minds.

This establishment of priority, of course, translates into things the business needs to thrive.

You are the market. You are who we want to help. It's for your satisfaction and your convenience that we work to find the solutions you need most. Businesses need to know what you like and what you could use a little more or a little less of so they can serve you better.

If you find a post or page inspiring, informative, or just overall helpful in any way, please share it.

If you support a cause, if you stumble across a message and the message is good, tell a friend!

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When it comes to self-worth, your potential, your destiny, etc., likes and comments on social media aren't important at all.

However, when it comes to business online, building a brand, gaining trust and scaling to be able to solve more problems for more customers, engagement is everything!

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Because that's kind of how this works. That's the only way this works. The best lemonade stand around needs lemonade drinkers to remain the best.


And to remain open.

The internet provides anyone with a great idea the platform and the means to share it and to provide a rich experience for those who would like to enjoy or make some other use of it. Artists, solo-preneurs, teams, etc., need your support to provide a more meaningful products and services for you.


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